Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gerben Klazinga, Knight In A Sphere

Prog Sphere's collaborator Nemanja had a short chitchat with Knigh Area mainman, Gerben Klazinga. Check out this FAQ interview.

Nemanja: Hello Gerben! You're the main composer of Knight Area. Can you tell us when you wrote your first song? 

Gerben: Hello Nemanja, I wrote my first song when I was 12 years old, it was in 1980. 

Nemanja: Tell us about your musical influences. Who has inspired you the most?

Gerben: Definitely Genesis, especially the 1975-1980 period, of course Tony Banks is my favorite keyboard player.

Nemanja: Your first album was a solo project. On the second, Knight Area became a band. Are you still the main composer or is do all of the members participate with song creation?

Gerben: I'm still the main composer but the last few years the demo songs get more mature in the rehearsal room with the influence of the other bandmembers.

Nemanja: Who came up with the name Knight Area?

Gerben: It was my brother. He said: “Gerben, you're living in the "Ridderbuurt" which means area of knights street or something ha, ha”. I live above my own recording studio in the Ridderbuurt.

Nemanja: Can you tell us something about the concept of the latest album? Why do you prefer to write concept albums?

Gerben: It's cool to reflect some parts of music in other songs on the same album, for me It's like there is a story not only in the lyrics but also in the music.

Nemanja: All of your albums have great reviews. How does it feel to be so highly respected in the Prog scene?

Gerben: Well of course we are very happy with this reactions and it keeps our spirits fresh and optimistic to go on.

Nemanja: What do you think of the current Dutch Prog scene?

Gerben: It used to be very good, but nowadays it's a little bit poor I think. Bands like 'Aurora Project', 'Mangrove' and 'Leap Day' are doing well.

Nemanja: What are your top five prog albums of all time?

Genesis - Seconds Out
Steve Hacket - Voyage of the Acolyte
Camel – Breathless
IQ - The Wake
Knight Area - Realm of Shadows ;-)

Nemanja: What are your plans for the future? Are you working on something?

Gerben: At this time I have written 5 demo songs, they are in sound a bit more popular, but it's a merge of Neo Prog and Prog again.

Nemanja: Thank you for your time Gerben. Do you have a message for our readers? Perhaps something I forgot to ask?

Gerben: You're welcome Nemanja. Thanks to all our fans and of course to you!

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